A Quality Retail Experience

Creating positive experiences.

As a team, we understand the importance of creating a positive, relaxing experience when you choose your plants, and we continually take these considerations to heart long before you ever return to your garden. Buying a plant is not just about finding one at an affordable price; it is also about convenience and trust in the product. That is why our entire team oversees product transfer, proper shipping, branding, merchandising, and sales projections for stores.

Our personal touch helps plants thrive.

Light, warmth, and water are the foundation of proper plant development. But there’s another element that enables a plant to not only grow, but thrive: the personal touch from someone who recognizes the plant's strengths as well as its weaknesses to pests and disease—someone with a keen, attentive eye who understands how to nurture that plant to its full potential. Each week our teams walk our facilities to discuss and assess how our plants are developing to ensure a successful crop.

The art & science of growing.

As growers, we understand the biology and chemistry of plant development. The proper combination of art and science, along with a passion for plant excellence, equals on-time production of plants in full bloom—week after week, year after year. Creating the perfect recipe of these factors excites us, especially when the outcome creates the best plants possible.