Developing Tomorrow's Garden

Searching the world over to help beautify your piece of earth.

We travel around the world in search of the newest plants, always in pursuit to see firsthand what plant-breeders are developing. Whether these new plants are being grown in a research lab or a back yard, we are always on the lookout to bring new and exciting plants home to grow in your garden.

The garden of tomorrow.

The Smith Gardens team understands the time it takes to test and bring a new product to your garden. Each day is spent cultivating the plants that will be grown for years to come. We spend a minimum of two years planning, researching, and developing new products for the Northwest garden.

Reinvent your garden.

Plants are not just for the garden; they can be used everywhere—window sills, rooftops, living walls, patios, boats, edible planters and more. Anyone can create a living space of their own. We pride ourselves in the ability to not only grow the new varieties, but to continue to create excitement for the traditional plants as well.