Take a Tour of Bellingham

The Horticulture class from Ferndale High School came to visit the Bellingham team recently to learn all about Poinsettias! This has become a tradition for both Bellingham and the Ferndale class. Over the past several years students have toured the site, talking all things Horticulture. The students learn the ins and outs of basic Poinsettia propagation and growing procedures as well as how the facility functions throughout the season. On top of grow talk the students also have an opportunity to ask questions about the Horticulture Industry as a whole and the career opportunities that are offered.

This year, Daryl Dixon, the head grower at Bellingham, led the tour. He answered a variety questions about ranging from how many Poinsettia’s SGI grows, what varieties, growing procedures, to opportunities in the industry and how Smith Gardens got started.

Mitchell and his team had a great time showing the students around and talking shop. The relationship that he has built with Ferndale High School has led to internships and summer jobs at the site as well and spreading the world of Horticulture to the young generations.