Aurora, OR

Our Background

The Aurora facility is located just 30 minutes south of Portland, Oregon in the beautiful Willamette Valley.

Opened in 1997, the site has 37 acres of greenhouse and 3 acres of field space. In 2013, we added a 3 acre State-of-the-art glass greenhouse which has allowed the facility to recirculated 40,000 gallons of water every day helping to reduce our carbon footprint.

Throughout the Season

The Aurora facility produces and ships product year-round. The season starts in January with viola, pansy and other cool season crops, and moves into full Spring production and shipping by the end of March. Our peak shipping week is the week leading up to Mother’s Day when we ship 132,000 flats of product. As the Summer season continues the site steadily grows and ships Annuals, Perennials, and shrubs. In July the team begins to plant Poinsettias in preparation for the Winter shipping season. As Fall nears, we move from bedding plants and hanging baskets to mums, and end the year with Poinsettias. Each year we ship out over 500,000 Poinsettias ranging in size from ½ Pint to 1.5 Gallon.

It takes 215 employees that work together as a team to successfully perform each season. We employee 75 people full time and each year we hire around 140 seasonal employees. The seasonal crews are hired in the spring and work through May/July. During fall/winter we employ around 45 team members for Poinsettia season through November/December and continue on for Spring production.

23200 Hubbard Cutoff Road
Aurora, OR 97002

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