Let’s Get LEAN!

In 2012, Wes Bailey Aurora’s Site Manager, introduced Smith Gardens to LEAN, a module whose core basis is to maximize customer value and minimize waste.The basis of the project is to slim down Smith Gardens and create a well-oiled, high functioning machine by eliminating physical excess and processes.

Simply put, you identify the waste and non-value added product and practices and remove them from the day to day operations.

The first implementation of LEAN into the SGI operations was in the transplant room in Aurora. They identified each step from set up to finished product and were able to reconfigure layout and methods of running product through the belts. The final results reduced transplant time by 47%!

Since the original test run LEAN has been utilized in multiple areas in Aurora including: Building Poinsettia boxes, tagging and staging, and organization of the supply closet. The team also meets every month to discuss areas that need to be LEAN. Aurora's success has prompted the entire company to begin implementation of LEAN. By the end of 2015 every site and employee will be involved in the process.

For more information please visit lean.org.